2014-09-09 The upcoming Monolake concerts: Audio only, walls of sound & beats.

2014-09-04 There will a comprehensive talk about artistic and technical aspects of Lumière at STEIM / Amsterdam in December, one day after the performance at Muziekgebouw. Details and link soon.

2014-07-07 large prints available from the Landscape series.

2014-06-14 New version of my Max4Live LFO device. Please replace older versions with this one: LFO 2.0.5

2014-05-14 Press review page now online!

2014-02-23 Now online, a great live set from 1999: Monolake Live at Ego.

Sept. 16 FR Nantes Lumière No. 13 Scopitone [link]
Sept. 24 IT Siena Lumière No. 14 Teatro dei Rinnovati [link]
Sept. 27 BE Brussels Lumière No. 15 Bozar Electronic Arts Festival [link]
Sept. 28 NL The Hague Lumière No. 16 Todays Art Festival [link]
Oct. 11 LV Riga Lumière No. 17 Skanu Mezs [link]
Oct. 18 ES Madrid Monolake Live Analogical Force
Nov. 07 LT Vilnius Lumière No. 18 Contemporary Art Center
Dec. 13 CL Santiago Monolake Live
Dec. 19 NL Amsterdam Lumière No. 19 Muziekgebouw [link]
Feb. 19 FR Paris Lumière II.0
Feb. 21 UK Huddersfield Dust


Oct. 14 - Nov. 2 FR Rennes Fragile Territories Les Champs Libres [link]
. . . . . . .. . Transition Machine .. . .

Talks, Lectures and Workshops

Deccember 20 NL Amsterdam STEIM
March - April USA Palo Alto Stanford University/CCRMA