audiovisual laser performance

F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 0 1 5 . L U M I E R E v e r s i o n II - P R E M I E R E - Centre Pompidou Paris
a complete new version, the result of performing Lumière for more than one year, condensed into a more sophisticated, more complex, more fragile, more massive synaesthetic experience! photos and more info online in early February.

Photo: Lumière No. 12 at Barbican Concert Hall, London, July 19 2014
Photo: Lumière No. 4 at RCNM, Manchester, March 2014.

Based on self written software, this work on the edge of concert and site specific installation finds previously unseen beauty and minimalistic elegance in a commonly underrated medium. High power lasers draw complex morphing shapes and connect points in space. Lumière combines precise geometric figures with floating organic structures, presenting the archaic sign language of an alien culture communicating via emerging and disappearing traces of extremely bright light.

Percussive and textural sonic events provide a counterpoint to the visual rhythm, resulting in a multi sensorial experience which at times is fragile and quiet, at others massive and overwhelming. Each Lumière performance is a unique and site specific real time exploration of synchronicity and divergence, of light and darkness at the limits of perception.

B/W photo above taken from Lumière Nr. 2 at Transmediale 2014 by Elena Vasilkova / transmediale.

Since Lumière is site specific, each room demands an adapted placement of the lasers. The laser beams connect the screen with the auditorium, creating a three dimensional object floating in the middle of the room above the audience.

[Black-and-white photos below are stills from a movie captured at the premiere of Lumière at the 2013 edition of Unsound Festival in Krakow, Poland.]

Music, sound design, laser control software development, visual programming, and real time interaction: Robert Henke.

Assistance and support: Michael Sollinger, Susanne Kirchmayr, Stefan Brunner, Michel Wähling, Christian Losert, Sebastian Drack, Peter Nyboer / Livid, Vance Galloway, Timothy Fellsrow. Film & still photography by Andreas Gockel, Michel Wähling. Lasers by LaserAnimation Sollinger, Berlin [link]

The inital version of Lumière has been created July - October 2013. Photo below from a rehearsal in Berlin, October 2013. The project is still under massive development. This is just a start.