Eternal Darkness
2012-06-11 Eternal Darkness

Site specific sound installation
Opening July 4 2012. Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg, 'grosser Wasserspeicher'


Iron Age
2012-06-06 Iron Age at Sonar

Iron Age is a short piece for the Leiden WFS system. Presented three times at Sonar this year


2012-05-15 Under Construction

Currently the website is a messy mix between a new style with simplified navigation and content, and older documents. This will most likely be the case for the next few months, I will update it step by step when ever I have time to kill. However, links should still all work fine. if you come accross a broken one, let me know!

2012-05-22 Fundamental Forces FF03 in Montreal

A new version of Fundamental Forces is shown in Montreal as part of the Cinechamber at MUTEK May 22 2012 - June 1 2012.

2012-05-02 Fragile Territories

I started working again on technical and artistic details of the upcoming laser and sound installaton Fragile Territories.

2012-04-12 Fundamental Forces FF02 in Vienna

A new version of Fundamental Forces is shown at MAK in Vienna as part of a group exhibition at soundframe:at. April 12 2012 - April 29 2012.

2012-03-27 New Artist Portraits

British photographer Jimmy Mould took the chance during sound check at London's club Fabric to take a series of l lovely photographs.

2012-03-11 Ghosts Interview

A nice little interview with Bleep, reprinted here.

2012-01-12 The Monolake Ghosts in Surround Tour

First dates of the upcoming tour manifest itself, see main page. And here is a bit of preliminary info!

2012-01-01 Ghosts preview on soundcloud

Fast access to the audio preview of the upcoming Monolake album 'Ghosts'

Release date will be February 27th 2012 !

mastering ghosts
2011-12-15 Ghosts album ready for production

Just finished mastering the album at Idee und Klang in Basel ( photo on the left ).

The title of this album, Ghosts, came to my mind at a quite early stage. I liked it due of the large field of associations it provokes. I started taking notes about topics connected to the term, read about mythologies and collected ideas. I also often write fragmentary texts, short cinematic scenes that I come up with .... continue

leap gallery installation
2011-11-27 Microsphere Self - installation for hidden speakers and five cymbals

The distant echoes of the Mircosphere 12 hour drone performance at LEAP, turned into a mysterious installation for five floating cymbals and bodyless sound .

November 28th 2011 till December 2nd 2011

leap gallery concert
2011-11-15 Microsphere - 12 hour drone performance

I am going to perform a drone soundscape concert based on resampling cymbals at Leap Project Space in Berlin.

Start November 26 23:00. End November 27 11:00.

2011-02-11 Twitter

Concert dates, release announcements and related stuff. Now on twitter.

go there!

atom photos on flickr
2011-10-31 Flickr

Photos from concerts and installations can now be found on the 'official' flickr page.

go there!

2011-10-03 Atom in Mexico

Atom will be performed in Mexico City and in Guanajuato as part of MUTEK MX. October 21 - October 26 2011


Fundamental Forces
2011-10-03 Fundamental Forces Version FF 00 in Graz

Fundamental Forces is shown with the cinechamber in Graz. as part of musikprotokoll 2011. October 07 - October 09 2011

2011-09-10 ...

the new Monolake album, 'Ghosts', is slowly materializing itself. Very dark and colorful. Planned release date will be february or march 2012. CD, double vinyl, download.

Fragile Territories
2011-09-06 Fragile Territories

An idea for a small installation in a gallery in New York City turned into a large scale project.


Tau 2012
2011-07-11 Tau Acousmonium Version in Paris 2012

... just confirmed a concert with the INA GRM Acousmonium in Paris in March 2012 . I will play Tau and either a second new part of it or another new piece.


2011-07-05 Max For Live Device Updates

Several of my devices for Max For Live got updated. Mainly bugfixes but also some enhancements.

grab them !

2011-06-24 Dust Version 2.0

Dust is a multichannel granular synthesis concert piece. It will be presented at ZKM's Mediatheater in Karlsruhe, Germany on June 24 2011.


2011-03-31 Granulator 1.0

Granulator is a new granular synthesis based instrument for MaxForLive.


Fundamental Forces
2011-02-03 Fundamental Forces @ Club Transmediale 2011

Tarik Barri and I are proud to present our work Fundamental Forces for high definition video and audio during this year's Club Transmediale in Berlin.


2011-02-06 Tau WFS

Concert for the WFS System of the Technical University, Berlin. As part of the Club Transmediale Festival, I will perform a special wave field synthesis version of Tau, tailored for the 512 speaker system at the TU-Berlin. Date: February 6 2011. 18:00 Location: TU Berlin, mathematics building, room H 104.