Robert Henke

i build machines. then i step back and watch and listen to what unfolds.

2014-04-10 MUTEK Festival celebrates the 11th anniversary of the first Narod Niki performance: [link to MUTEK website]

2014-03-15 Video interview with Postmatter: [link to]

2014-02-23 Now online, a great live set from 1999: Monolake Live at Ego.

2013-12-27 New Max4Live device: LFO 2.0 - for free!

2013-12-14 New installation: Ritual.

2013-12-10 Amazing performances of Grid with Christopher Bauder at Fete des Lumières in Lyon, France: more than 20 shows with over 21.000 visitors. New video online.

2013-11-26 A wave field synthesis version of Fundamental Forces at IRCAM in Paris is confirmed.

2013-11-02 Review of the Lumiere premiere:[link to]

April 25 AU Krems Lumière Donaufestival [link]
May 2 ES Gijon Lumière LEV [link]
May 7 DE Cologne Dust Acht Brücken Festival
May 10 USA NYC Lumière RBMA [link]
May 15 DE Essen Dust Folkwang University
May 17 DK Helsingor Lumière Click Festival [link]
May 30 CA Montreal Lumière Mutek/Elektra [link]
June 11 FR Paris Fundamental Forces IRCAM
June 12 FR Lille Dust Le Fresnoy
July 11 PT Viseu . .
July 16 USA Santa Fe Dust TIME 2014
July 19 UK London Lumière Barbican [link]
August 1 DE Berlin Monolake Live .
Oct. 11 LV Riga Lumière Skanu Mezs
Oct. 29 FR Nantes Lumière .
Nov. DE Berlin Lumière .
Dec. 19 NL Amsterdam Lumière .


June 6 - July 20 FR Lille Destructive Observation Field Le Fresnoy
Oct. - Nov . . Fragile Territories .

Talks, Lectures and Workshops

April 17 DE Düseldorf IMM
May 15 DE Essen Folkwang University
June 23 - July 5 FR Paris IRCAM [link]