This set has been recorded live in Belgrade, Serbia, during the Dis-Patch Festival, on October 18th 2008. The concert took place at a boat, and doors opened ten minutes after we arrived. During setup and soundcheck my computer constantly crashed or my fader-boxes behaved odd, and occasionally the power went down. It was quite a challenge...

However, during the concerts there were only a few major technical problems, and at least no total power failure. The track here is a 30 minute edit of the set and captures quite well the atmosphere of the concert. The edit was originally made for Marie Anne Hobbs's radio show on BBC1 and transmitted on November 11th 2008.

Termulator X Live in Belgrade:

Jay Ahern:

Roland TR 808 Rhythm Composer
Roland TB 303 Bass Line
MIDI Clock & Panic Button
Master Sync

Robert Henke:

Effects, Filters, Processing and Mixing
Monome / MAX Step Sequencer
Physical Modeling Feedback Horn Instrument
Software Synthesis Engine

[ ~ 30minutes ]

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Robert Henke